Helping Hand to Rashmi

Ever since the Covid-19 pandemic began in 2020, STEP team has been actively helping the poor and needy who are struggling to survive by distributing food packets. Rashmi (name changed) is one of the children who received a relief package of dry and nutritious food items from STEP in June 2021. Rashmi lives with her parents, her brother and sister in a small village. As a daily wage laborer and only bread winner of the family, her father had been struggling hard to provide for his family, but he has not been able to do much to support his family due to lack of work opportunities during the lockdown. They had been going through financial crisis. In this situation, STEP has been able to reach out to them and help them up to some extent. Rashmi and her parents were glad on receiving the relief package from STEP and they are very grateful to STEP for the good work rendered to them in time of their needs. Touching lives with love!