A widow’s Story

Mangli is 63 years old. She lives in a small village called “Rangamatia” of Kaliko Panchayat, Odisha, India.  She lives alone in a small half-damaged mud-hut. She became widow because her husband was suffering from Tuberculosis and he died three years ago. Moreover, she believes that everything happened all of a sudden because of her misfortune.

Covid-19 lockdown began in the third week of March 2020. STEP moved with compassion to help people in remote villages. STEP relief team met Mangli in front of her mud- thatched house. She was without food and any essential things because she was not able to go out for work during COVID-19 pandemic situation. Mangli noticed our relief team. She was surprised to see people in front of her house.

STEP team reached out to her and explained the purpose of their visit. We handed over dry food items, a mask and a soap. She was very happy and whispered in her tribal language “adi adi sarhow” (many thanks). She also explained that she could survive at least next one week with food items that we helped her with. A small step to help people like Mangli, a widow is transforming!