Liza’s Experience

My name is Liza. I live in a small village in Odisha with my parents and a sister. My father is a farmer and he looks after and support our family with much struggles and hardships. After my high school education, I was searching for opportunity to learn computer. There are no opportunity easily available to attend formal computer education programs in remote villages.  I joined for Post Graduate Diploma in Computer Application (PGDCA) at  Pragati Computer Center in 2018. I had the opportunity to learn the best computer knowledge in all the basics. I also learned typing and how to use internet.  I want to be an engineer in future and I needed to learn computer. I am glad that I completed formal computer courses at Pragati Computer Center. Without this opportunity I would have never learned computer in my lifetime.

Computer Skills Opportunity

Saurav is from Hatigarh village of Odisha. After his secondary school education, he was looking for opportunity to learn computer skills.  He enrolled in Post Graduate Diploma in Computer Application (PGDCA) at Pragati Computer Centre (PCC), an educational center of STEP in 2017. There is no other computer training center expect the one run by STEP. There are no public places such as Cyber Café or no computers available at home.  He had a strong desire to attend formal computer courses.  Saurav says, “PCC gave me opportunity to learn computer as it is nearest to my home and also it offers computer courses at a very affordable tuition rates for any parents to admit their children for the course.”  It was a starting point for Saurav to gain interests in computer literacy program in remote places where computer education is not available easily. Saurav is thankful for the opportunity as he says, “I am very glad and satisfied with my learning at PCC.” Saurav graduated in the year 2018 successfully.


My name is Sushmita (name changed). I am from Odisha state of India. My parents got separated and therefore, I lived with my aunt. I have a sister who is presently living with my father at our home in Odisha. My village is a small village with 40 houses.

My family rejected me because I was girl child.  My family went through financial problems because we are very poor. I was often sick as I had health problems. My mother became mentally ill, after my father and mother got divorced. 

I wanted to learn life-skills. One of my friends informed me about STEP. I joined the program in 2017. I have the privilege to be part of the program and learn sewing and computer skills. I had never touched computer in my life. It is for the first time, I saw computer in STEP. I feel proud that STEP Center taught me skills that I will use for whole life. 


My name is Kajal (name changed). I am from West Bengal state of India. I belong to a tribal group called “Santali”. Mostly this community group lives in Odisha, West Bengal, Assam and Jharkhand states of India. My family lives in a small village with about 50 houses. 

I had a desire to learn sewing skills. In 2017, I came to know about Life Skill program in STEP. I was excited about the training program. In STEP, I am receiving guidance in every area of my life which I had never received at home. I am learning to be disciplined in every way possible. I have the opportunity to learn sewing and computer. After the training, I want to continue to work in the society who are struggling and need help. I thank STEP for the opportunity to learn skills. I feel confident and strong after the training program.