My name is Rekha (name changed). I am now 5 years old and my birthday is January 19. Blue is my favorite color. I love to eat mango and chocolates. I live with my parents and a younger sister in a small village in the state of Odisha. We live in a small thatched house made out of mud with trees around it that give shade and protect us from the heat when the weather is hot and humid.  We own a small piece of land. My father cultivates and works every day in that field to produce rice and vegetables. We survive on the grains and vegetables that our field produces and fully depend on its produce.   When the rain is scarce and the land becomes dry, it makes it difficult to grow and produce crops and we have to struggle to survive.  Sometimes my parents have to try and find ways to earn some money in order to feed us, which is not easy.

I enjoy going to school and love all its activities, learning how to read and write and experiencing many new things. I like drawing and coloring pictures. I would like to become a doctor when I grow up.