Relief to Pregnant Women

In the month of September 2020, 100 pregnant women from various remote villages were helped with nutritious dry food items and hygiene kits. In this COVID-19 pandemic context and lockdown situation, pregnant women are unable to receive care and help. Transportation to near by health centers is risky and rare. Hygienic risk is very high and due to low economic situation women are unable to meet the necessary nutrition for their health. With my careful investigation and survey, 100 pregnant women were identified for the relief package. Raibania village is about 4 km away from STEP Campus.  A woman called “Manko” is a residence of Raibania, living in the remotest part of the village Raibania. No proper road facility to the village available. Her house is made of mud and basic facilities are rare.   Her husband is a farmer and they struggle in day today life for their livelihood.  She came with her husband in a cycle to receive the relief. She is really grateful and thank for the relief package in this crucial time. Manko says, “Thank you to STEP.” STEP is striving to help those in need in this COVID-19 pandemic situations. It has been our utmost desire to help as many as in the most remotest parts of the Odisha.