Sewing Machine Changes Lives

Anjali from a small town in Odisha, India. She, however, became a widow when her husband died in 2015. She has two daughters and one son and all of them are studying in school and STEP has helped her children’s education every year. In 2016, STEP donated a sewing machine and sewing training from our sewing center for her. She also received a small kick- start fund from us and with that fund she opened a small tailoring shop and earned an income, though meager, for her family. Due to Covid-19 pandemic and lockdown, her tailoring shop was closed for many months. She lost all her monthly income from the shop and her family was undergoing financial difficulties. Anjali phoned our office and said, “I received a call from STEP and they helped financially with food items. It was a timely help. Without the help from STEP, I could not have managed my family and children.”