J. Tudu

My name is J. Tudu (name changed). I love to eat cakes and my birthday is May 5. I am a student in Imagine School and my favorite color is green.  I live in a small village in Odisha with my parents. My village has about 30 houses. There are no shops or hospitals nearby which makes our lives very difficult.  My father is a farmer and my mother is a housewife. We own a small rice paddy field and my father toils in it every day in order to feed us. Our life fully depends on the field, so when there is no rain and the land becomes dry and fails to produce crops, or when my father is unable to sell the grains produced from the land, we face a financial crisis in the family. But somehow, my parents manage to feed us rice/Roti and dal curry every day.

What Imagine school is like for me – I enjoy going to school every day and learn how to read and write and play with my friends at school.  I like to play with toys and drawing and coloring. My parents have great hope that as I study and grow up, I will have a bright future and bring a good name to the family.