Online Education: A Far Reality

COVID-19 pandemic has affected millions of people around the world. It’s impact on children and their education is far worse in remote villages of Odisha, India. Bikash is currently a student in Imagine School. Bikash lives with his parents, his two brothers and his aunty in a small and thatched mud house in a remote village in Odisha. His parents are poor farmers and they labor very hard in the paddy fields to provide for the family. Bikash is incapable of studying from home during the COVID-19 lockdown. Unlike many privileged children, Bikash does not have access to attend online classes because his family does not own a computer or smartphone at home. His parents are also illiterate and cannot help Bikash learn to read and understand his lessons, so Bikash is struggling with his studies. During the day, Bikash has nothing to do at home so he wanders around the house or plays with his brothers and his neighboring friends.  Since lockdown began, there has been no income and they are facing financial crisis. They are surviving on very few meals of rice and curry. Without the guidance and help from his teachers, Bikash is unable to complete his lessons. He misses going to school and is hoping for the situation to change so he can continue his education. Our staff have visited Bikash often to help him one-on-one with his studies and counseling him.