Education for Everyone!

Shruti  was born and being raised in a poor family in a remote village in Odisha state. Her father is a daily construction worker and mother, a housewife. She is currently a student in Upper Kindergarten (UKG).  Before Covid-19 lockdown, Shruti enjoyed going to school and learn her lessons. She liked most to play with her friends. Shruti does not have access to online classes because her parents can not afford to buy a smartphone and network connection is very poor in her village. Her parents can not read and write English and therefore, she is without any guidance at home.  Most of the time, Shruti has spent more time with her mother, play around with her brother and other friends in the neighborhood. Shruti can not wait to see Imagine School reopen so that she can resume her studies. Like other children, Shruti is vulnerable because of Covid-19.