My name is Subham. I am a privileged scholarship student at the Imagine school. We live near STEP campus. My father is a farmer, so our lives depend on rain for crop production for his daily wages. His daily wage is not enough to support our everyday life during this time of crises.

At the beginning of the pandemic lockdown in India, it became even more difficult for our family to survive. Making ends meet became impossible due to both the lockdown and the Amphan cyclone, which hit Odisha and destroyed the farms and fields recently, devastating my father’s income.

During this time of crisis, STEP came to our aid by providing a couple days’ worth of different food items, soaps, and masks for our family. This was a great help in our time of need. When the Amphan Cyclone hit Odisha in May 2020, our family and others were safe during this deadly cyclone because we are able to take shelter at STEP campus. STEP extended a helping hand to us and many other neighbors during this difficult time.